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About Razors & Diapers

In 2010, Pete Saunders started a blog about fatherhood. His goal was, and still is, to equip, inspire, and empower fathers. Pete is always looking for ways to strengthen the relationship between father and child.


He started his first blog, to share his experience as a father, with the aim of inspiring other fathers to go and have adventures with their children. Later, he started to reach more dads and provide more resources to help them successfully fulfill their role as fathers.


In 2012, he partnered with some good people to incorporate Razors and Diapers Ltd. and develop the company into a professional online resource portal offering fatherhood-related information, resources, and products. His goal is for Razors & Diapers online store to be the # 1 source for shoppers looking for distinctive and functional products for fathers and their children.


Our Vision or Why We Do What We Do:
Empowering fathers today, for tomorrow!


Our Mission or How We Do What We Do:
We will deliver resources that help fathers positively influence society.


Our Core Values or How We Live Our Life and Run Our Company:
1. Relationship-focus: Our Foundation Value
2. Engaged (Create fun, relaxed, and entertaining experiences)
3. Empowered (Through knowledge, education, products, and resources)
4. Communicate (openly and honestly)
5. Excellence (in all we do): Our Aspiration Value


Razors & Diapers is “The Place for Dads and their kids!” and commits a portion of the company's sales profits to programs and initiatives that promote positive fatherhood, such as the annual Celebrating Fatherhood Brunch and Scavenger Hunt and Welcome to Fatherhood Parties for first time dads.


The underlying purpose of Razors & Diapers, its products, and related initiatives is based upon the principle of positive fatherhood – being involved, present, and nurturing to our children. When fathers accomplish these goals, they are contributing to a better tomorrow for their children and the world.

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